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Moscow Apartment

Architect: Mark Berryman

William Garvey worked closely with the team at Mark Berryman Design to produce detailed working drawings after careful surveying in the apartment in Moscow. On return to the UK the team produced beautiful furniture throughout the apartment, delivered the pieces to site, and installed them too.

The entrance lobby, entered into through a veneered 280 kilo solid steel front door included a Shoji screen, clothes storage cupboards.

The mezzanine and library areas included a built-in cabinets with large pocket doors, shelves, fridge housing and cupboards, with bookshelves in wenge and coloured lacquers.

The large dining room server was finished in a stunning metalised paint by Based Upon. The large TV and media centre in the main lounge was finished in leather which included a fireplace underneath. The concertina pocket doors for the small kitchen looked beautiful finished in Makassar Ebony veneers.

The master bathroom included cabinets, mirrored cupboards, TV cupboards and storage cabinets while the children’s bathroom required pair of oak mirror cabinets, oak sink base unit and cupboards.

The VIP bathroom had oak and mirrored cabinets, along with a cantilevered D-ended counter, finished and polished in high gloss Makassar ebony with under-lit black marble and onyx basins.