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Geo Standard Bath

From £4,290

The William Garvey 'Geo Standard Bath' is constructed from teak and specialist marine ply.

The single version has one removable and adjustable back rest. The double version has two offset from each other. The bath is designed to stand on two teak bearers which elevate the bath by 100mm (4").

The bath has a shaped base to improve drainage, but it should be levelled as accurately as possible. Large, non-standard baths require additional base supports which are supplied.

Geo deep baths are fitted with a standard 1 1/2" chrome captive bath waste (chainless) compatible with standard shallow bath traps. A standard plastic shallow 'P' trap is supplied fitted for 1 1/2" waste plumbing. The waste is fitted in the centre of the bath.

Overflows are not fitted as standard. If you require an overflow, the bath can be customised to conceal overflow plumbing. Generally, taps are either wall or floor mounted, but baths can be customised to enable taps to be integrated.

With greater cubic capacity, William Garvey baths use more hot water than conventional baths. A combi or geyser type boiler will provide a continuous flow of hot water whereas the capacity of a conventional system is limited by the size of the storage tank. Typically a combi type boiler is able to deliver 15.1 litres (4 US gallons) per minute at 35 degrees centigrade.

All our baths can be made bespoke to fit your project. Please just ask if you would like a one to be made to a different size or specification as we are very happy discuss options with you.

Geo Standard Single Geo Standard Double
Length 1650mm 65” 1750 mm 69”
Width 700mm 27.5” 800mm 31.5”
Height  (excl.bearers) 540mm 21.5” 540mm 21.5”
Internal length 1548mm 61” 1648mm 65”
Internal width 598mm 23.5” 698mm 27.5”
Internal depth 490mm 19.5” 490mm 19.5”
Wall thickness 51mm 2” 51mm 2”
Weight (empty) 88kg 193.6 lbs 96.5kg 212 lbs
Weight (filled) 552kg 1214 lbs 662kg 1456 lbs
Cubic capacity 455 litres 100 gall 566 litres 125 gall
Capacity (400mm deep) 372 litres 82 gall 462 litres 102 gll
Crated weight (long haul) 183.5kg 403 lbs 202.8 kg 447 lbs
Crated weight (short haul, UK) 134kg 294.6 lbs 147.5 kg 324 lbs
Crated size (long haul) 1860x910x840mm 74x36x26" 1960x1010x840mm 78x40x26"
Crated size (short haul, UK) 1700x750x580mm 67x30x22" 1800x850x580mm 71x34x22"

All our products can be made bespoke to fit your project. Please just ask if you would like a one to be made to a different size or specification as we are very happy discuss options with you.

The cost of a Geo Standard bath, including bearers and one backrest starts from £3,950, and for a double with two back rests starting at £4,290. Bespoke sized Geo standard bath costs depending on timber and labour involved.

For further information on bespoke size pricing please enquire via

‘Delivered on time, to the agreed price and of the highest quality. I would have no hesitation in using you again’.
Martin Lister

With regards to the care and cleaning of our products it’s simple: we suggest a non scouring household cleaner similar to that which you would use on the surface of an enamel bath. No extra special care is needed but we do not recommend using bleach on the surfaces.

In areas of hard water we do recommend using a water softening system to avoid calcium build-up. Perhaps once a year give them a good polish with a product similar to OSMO oil which can be found in most hardware outlets, this will rejuvenate them in the future.

With over 40 years’ experience in design and manufacture we really understand timber and know that you will have no problems when you use teak as you may with other woods, and our designs are well proven watertight over time.


  • Timber baths keep water warmer longer
  • Teak and cedar doesn't go mouldy over time
  • Adjustable backrest for additional comfort
  • Double baths have offset back rests

Available in:

  • Teak Lacquered

  • Teak Ulacquered

  • Grey Tinted Teak

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