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Helio Basin

From £760

The William Garvey Helio basin is turned from solid teak and is designed to stand on a suitable worktop, held in position by the waste fitting and a brass lock nut.

Helio basins are fitted with standard 1¼" chrome Presflo chainless waste compatible with standard basin traps. The waste is fitted in the centre of the basin.

The PU lacquer we finish our products with has incredible adhesion and can be used in a variety of situations, you can be sure that there will be no lifting of the lacquer in any wet room environment in the future.

Please note, if the counter top is more than 35mm (1¼”) thick it should be counter-bored to receive the brass lock nut and leave sufficient thread for the waste fitting.

Helio Basin Dimensions

Diameter 420mm 16½”
Height 150mm 6”
Wall Thickness 34mm 1.1”
Crated weight 6kg 13lbs
Crated size 60 x 50 x 28 cms 24 x 20 x 11”

All our products can be made bespoke to fit your project. Please just ask if you would like a one to be made to a different size or specification as we are very happy discuss options with you.

The cost of a Helio basin starts from £760, with bespoke sized sink costs depending on timber and labour involved.

For further information on bespoke size pricing please enquire via

‘Thank you - very beautiful, the finish is like touching silk. It's been an absolute pleasure working with you all and I'm now on the hunt for another commission so we may work together again’.
Claire Tull

With regards to the care and cleaning of our products it’s simple: we suggest a non scouring household cleaner similar to that which you would use on the surface of an enamel bath. No extra special care is needed but we do not recommend using bleach on the surfaces.

In areas of hard water we do recommend using a water softening system to avoid calcium build-up. Perhaps once a year give them a good polish with a product similar to OSMO oil which can be found in most hardware outlets, this will rejuvenate them in the future.

With over 40 years’ experience in design and manufacture we really understand timber and know that you will have no problems when you use teak as you may with other woods, and our designs are well proven watertight over time.


  • Made of solid timbers
  • Can be undermounted
  • Can be made to a bespoke size

Available in:

  • Lacquered Teak

  • Unlacquered Teak

  • Grey Tinted Teak