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Bill Garvey

BA Hons BM BCh - Managing Director

MD & founder of the company with a wealth and breadth of experience in furniture and timbers.

Colin Mackenzie

BA Hons MBA - Joint Managing Director

Co-Director & Pricing Manager who has been with the company since starting at the bench as a cabinet maker in 1990.

Dominic Ash

Production Manager with 30 years’ experience in furniture manufacture.

Adam Medhurst

Spray Shop Manager and finishing specialist with 15 years of experience creating beautiful finishes.

Clive Barton

Senior Cabinet Maker with 32 years’ of furniture making experience.

Keith Newton

Senior Cabinet Maker, trained by Alan Peters,  with 38 years’ experience. Keith is also a judge on the Alan Peters awards team at the ‘Celebration of Craftsmanship’ exhibition.

Jon Hancock

Senior Cabinet Maker with 21 years experience at William Garvey.

Paul Cox

Senior Cabinet Maker with 45 years of design and construction experience.

Peter Dean

Cabinet Maker of 35 years and CNC technician. Dip FPM, LCG.

Steve Clewes

Project Manager & Health and Safety Officer.

Angus Simpson

Project Manager with 15 years’ experience at the bench.

Andrew Owen

Design Office Manager and ‘Bespoke Guild Mark’ award winning furniture maker, draughtsman and designer.  Andrew also has 8 years’ experience as an Architectural Technologist.


Trev Findley

Design Office Draughtsman and experienced maker.

George Filip

Spray Shop Specialist.

Ben Allen

Previously a William Garvey apprentice and now an experienced Senior Cabinet Maker of 8 years.

Bill Blake

Senior Cabinet Maker with 20 years’ experience at the bench.

Dan Davis

Cabinet Maker with 9 years’ experience at the bench.

Jez Heeler

Cabinet Maker with 15 years’ experience.

Alex Hupertz

Alex Hupertz has recently brought his extensive cabinet making skills from Germany to join the William Garvey team.

Gill Wallis

Accountant and Book Keeper.

Ruth Isitt

Runs the William Garvey office ensuring that we always deliver the best results we can, and always on time.

Norman Shute

Workshop caretaker who keeps the workshop running smoothly, efficiently and always with a smile.

Robin Deitch

Business Development Manager with 25 years of international business development experience.

Juliet Bird

Senior Cabinet Maker with 20 years’ experience at the bench.

Chris Cooper

Cabinet Maker.

Jonathan Hill

Trainee Cabinet Maker

John Lilley

Cabinet Maker with 20 years experience

Eduardo Chomyk

Cabinet Maker with 28 years’ experience at the bench.



We depend on an excellent team of dedicated staff at William Garvey, with many members of our staff being with us for over 15 years. This has enabled us to keep a strong and varied set of skills while continuing to increase our wide working knowledge of furniture making.

With constantly inquiring minds always looking for solutions, and continued training in all areas, our staff have all the necessary skills to make your project a reality.

The level of service received during the fit-out of the 43 metre Ice-Breaking Yacht Vega  has been excellent on every level.  The fit-out was to be carried out to the highest yacht standards, however the requirements from the owner on this occasion have called for an unusually high level of hand built, traditional skilled craftsmanship, such as dovetail joints, solid timber mouldings etc.    A good deal of time and effort went into achieving the exact finish, sheen and grain fill required by the Owner, resulting in some really stunning pieces of furniture, fit for purpose and built to last.   I would have no hesitation in recommending W. Garvey for any high quality marine fit-out, and look forward to working with them again.
Chris Roberts, Project Manager.