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From refitting the largest single masted super yacht in the world to supplying furniture for classic motor yachts of the 1940’s William Garvey have been making interior and exterior furniture for the super yacht industry for many years.

We have had the pleasure of working on some of the most prestigious super yachts ever launched, either working directly for the client, or through a boat yard. And even though the clients are the most demanding of superior quality we have surpassed.

With reference to the level of service received from W. Garvey during the fit-out of the 43M Ice-Breaking Expedition Yacht, I can confirm that this has been excellent on every level.

The fit-out was always to be carried out to the highest yacht standards, however the requirements from the owner on this occasion have called for an unusually high level of hand built, traditional skilled craftsmanship, such as dovetail joints, solid timber mouldings etc.
Chris Roberts-Owners Rep.