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Layouts for contemporary kitchens

26 August 2015

In the world of interior design, contemporary kitchens with sleek, minimalistic features are a favourite with many. However, the general public may be less inclined towards this style of kitchen, believing it to be lacking in warmth or personality. However, there is a middle ground, in which you can create a modern looking kitchen which is still inviting and full of character. ...

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Layouts for contemporary kitchens

On these pages you will find some of Bill’s musings on what we have been making in the workshop recently, what research and development we have been undertaking, and several ideas for contemporary and traditional furniture from a craftsman’s mind.

William Garvey create beautiful objects with the greatest care and attention to detail and their unique pieces of furniture are without doubt, the antiques of the future’.
Jonathan Lovett -  Association of Ideas.

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