Bespoke furniture for the dressing room

A glamorous dressing room is something that many women dream of. It is the epitome of indulgence and fun. If you have the space, time and the budget, then why not add this touch of luxury to your home? The best room to pick is usually one closest to the bedroom. If possible, a door should be installed that joins the dressing room to the bedroom, as this will make it easier to access.

Whilst the dressing room should be aesthetically pleasing, it also needs to be practical. It will serve as both a place to dress and as a walk in wardrobe, so storage should be the first thing that is installed. Organisation is essential in a dressing room as it is likely to be home to a wide range of clothes, shoes, beauty products and accessories. Make sure to take note of everything that will be kept in the room, before you order any new furniture or storage items. A clutter free dressing room will be a much more pleasant place to spend time in.

Modular bespoke furniture can work wonders in a small sized dressing room; accessories such as exposed hanging rails, cupboards and shelf units will all be necessary additions to the space. The great thing about bespoke furniture is that it can be designed to suit your needs; so if you’re a shoe fanatic, for example, you can have a special shoe display rack made to your exact specifications. Whilst some people do not like the idea of open hanging rails for their clothes, these are a budget friendly alternative and are ideal for those who tend to forget about clothes that are hidden away in the wardrobe.

A dressing room would not be complete without a dressing table, of course. If working with a bespoke furniture specialist, you can create the table in any style you want; some might like the idea of a chic, modern glass table, whilst others may prefer the idea of an over the top, ‘French Chateau’ style table, with ornate carvings and elegant wooden legs. For seating, some people like to have a beautiful chaise longue, which will add to the glamorous feel of the room. Others prefer solid wood furnishings, or comfortable leather seats. A beautifully upholstered wooden stool could be used for the dressing table, but the furniture chosen will ultimately depend on the theme of the decor.

Mirrors and lighting are important when decorating any room, but when creating a dressing room, one must be especially careful about these choices. The room should have full length mirrors for getting dressed; these larger mirrors will have the added benefit of making the room seem far more spacious than it is. In terms of lighting, many people like to add a Hollywood style mirror, which comes with lights all around its frame, to the dressing table. Make sure that lighting chosen for the rest of the space is soft and preferably installed with a dimmer switch.