Bespoke furniture makes for a beautiful living room

Creating a luxurious living room is one of the first things that many people choose to do when they move into a new home. After all, the living room is where most people spend a great deal of time, so it makes sense that the decor in this space would be foremost in their minds when they are decorating their new abode.

If the living room is spacious, it can sometimes be a challenge to create a luxurious space that still retains a certain cosiness. This room should be about comfort as well as style, as the majority of people use their living room as a place to relax. Reading, watching TV and socialising with friends and family are all done in this space, so it’s important to find a balance between creating a beautiful space and creating a functional, restful room.

The furniture will almost always have the most significant impact on the appearance and functionality of the room, so choose wisely. Bespoke furniture is often the preferred choice for those who are decorating their living rooms, as a single piece of hand crafted furniture can make a luxurious but cold room feel far more snug and welcoming.

Having a piece of furniture designed that is multi-functional can be a great way to make the space seem cosier. One example of this might be a dining table that can be used by the kids when they need to do their homework, but can also be extended to be used as a chic dining piece when you have dinner guests.

Dividing the living room up is a popular method of creating a multi functional space. This can be done by simply creating two versions of the same colour scheme on the walls.

Another option is to buy a beautiful vintage dressing screen to divide the space; this is a really chic way to make the most of a larger living room. These types of dividers come in a vast array of designed, heights and widths, so whatever decorative scheme the room happens to have, you can easily find a screen to suit. For those who like this idea but want something unique, a bespoke furniture specialist could easily design one of these to your exact specifications.

Along with the furniture, the accessories can really make or break the room in terms of style. A series of small paintings or prints, hung on the walls in an artistic manner, can add a very elegant touch to the room. The right lighting is, of course, essential too; avoid harsh overhead lighting by using dimmer bulbs on the ceiling light fixtures. For activities where strong light is needed, such as reading, you can always add a chic table lamp to a side cabinet.

Wooden bespoke shelving along the wall of a living room can create a sense of structure in the room and is also very practical for storing books, DVDs and CDs. One creative way to make use of such shelving is to display a series of family portraits or even a collection of sculptures or art deco vases.