IN PRAISE OF addressing the real issue

We use a great big complicated German Biomass boiler for our heating. It runs on pellets which need to be just right to work properly. We just had a delivery that is completely unusable. Even in the lorry you can see the high proportion of dust and broken pellets. We take the delivery and God help us by the next morning the boiler has stopped. The sensors are coated with dust.

I complain and from their MD arrives a copy of the certificate issued at the port of embarkation which proves that the pellets are perfect. So, it is not his fault. The company*s BDM comes to take samples saying our boiler is unduly sensitive, not a word about the smashed-up pellets. And all of which misses the point that the pellets are choking the boiler and do not work.

Then out of the blue a phone call. We’re half an hour into the workshop Christmas party and things are warming up. Then I realise it’s someone from the pellet company and he is talking about the realisation that we do indeed have a problem, that we need a plan, and he is thinking they should vacuum the duff pellets from the hopper and replace them with sound ones. No mention of anyone’s fault, just getting to the heart of the matter and proposing a solution. The right answer. Life is good.