Luxury Designer Bathrooms

Incorporating Wood Baths into Your Bathroom

Wood baths are, in many cases, a departure in style and may therefore need other major changes in a bathroom’s style or other features. There are a number of options, but the two main choices are to either emphasise the wood bath, or make it blend into the rest of the room.

The world does not usual work in such absolute terms and while the most obvious way of emphasising a feature may often involve making it very different to the rest of a room, often other items sharing its style can help emphasise an item. Indeed, making an item stand out too much, can ruin the whole look of the room and make the bath you are trying to feature look out of place. Conversely, trying to make them blend in to much can produce a bland room, or result in the emphasis of unintended features.

Wood is a beautiful material, with many properties that lend it to the bathroom. Many woods are naturally resistant to water and some chemicals and can be treated to improve this without any adverse affect. Nevertheless, some harsher cleaning products can stain the wood and in some cases even affect the integrity, although there are plenty that will get the job done without risk. This means that once you’ve selected any of the available bespoke wood baths, you can choose many other items to complement or contrast with it. For example, you could decide that the bath and the basin could both be beautiful smooth teak affairs, with much of the rest of the room tiled, marbled or plain. Alternatively, you could make a lot more of the room wooden, with a few chosen features to offer contrast.

There are plenty of items that can be made from wood, although there are some obvious limits to the use of wood, such as the pipes and taps, the lights/electricals, any heating and the bowl of the toilet, as well as its workings. Much of this can, if so desired, be hidden away behind other materials, for example, much of a toilet can be boxed in and any radiator can often be covered in a grill. Thankfully, those woods that lend themselves to bath making, such as teak, also lend themselves to much of the work in disguising other items. Practically anything can be made of wood and although almost everyone would immediately think of cabinets and storage, as well as panelling, many other aspects of a bathroom’s design can incorporate wood. Wood is ideal for flooring and can provide a real touch of luxury into a room that is often tiled and, although it seems unusual, wooden shower trays and basins can also bring individuality and style to the bathroom.

So when thinking of your next bathroom makeover, consider wood as material for more than just the bathroom cabinet. The resulting room will not only be relaxing and elegant, but will provide a real talking point amongst friends and family.