Smaller spaces can be enlivened with bespoke furniture

Attempting to decorate and furnish a small room in both a tasteful and practical manner can be a frustrating task, to say the least. You want the room to maintain its functionality, but of course the aesthetics of the space are just as important.

A studio is the perfect example of a small space that can be difficult to work with but has great potential if furnished correctly. Making the room match may seem like the obvious first choice; however, dividing the space with a vintage screen will allow you to create the illusion of a larger space. In the case of a studio, this type of decoration will allow you to have separate living areas and choosing a light coloured screen will give the room a light and airy feel.

Furnishing a small space requires a great deal of thought, as certain pieces can either accentuate or diminish the smallness of the space. Choosing one or two carefully selected pieces of bespoke furniture will allow you to create a sense of luxury and comfort, regardless of the size of the room itself.

When choosing bespoke furniture, light coloured wood is usually the best choice, as darker colours have a tendency to draw the eye in and make a room appear even smaller. Beech and pine are good choices in this case. You also have the option of painting the furniture; white and pastel shades are very effective at creating an airy, spacious look in a room, if they are to your taste.

Bespoke furniture is a particularly good choice for a smaller space, as it can be designed to fit the structure of the room perfectly; if there are, for instance, any nooks and crannies where standard furniture would not fit, a piece of bespoke furniture can be built into this space. In this way, space and storage can be optimised without compromising on the appearance of the room. Hand made furniture can also have extra storage built in, so that you can keep a minimalistic look in the room even if you have quite a lot of things that need to be kept there. For example, a sliding wooden panel can hide a shelf or a television.

Adding character and personality to a smaller space can be somewhat challenging, but is certainly possible. You could easily add a bold coloured fabric to the seat of a wooden chair and this will instantly spice up the appearance of the room for the better. In smaller spaces, it is wise to choose one or two key colours, rather than several different shades, as too many colours can make for a ‘busy’ and overdone appearance. Matching some of the fabrics used for the chairs, curtains or rugs, (or at least using ones from the same tonal palette), will help in making the room more pleasant to be in. A few carefully chosen decorative pieces, such as an antique vase or a contemporary painting, can make all the difference in creating a stylish and pleasant room that you will love spending time in.